A BOOK PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Anti-Natalism under Fire.

A symposium, "Anti-Natalism under Fire", was held in Prague, Czech Republic on May 29, 2018, at which Professor David Benatar (University of Cape Town) gave the keynote address. Based on the quality of the papers presented at the symposium, it has been decided to produce a collection of papers assessing the views of Professor Benatar and other anti-natalists. The manuscript will be offered to a prestigious academic publisher. Professor Benatar will write a reply to each of the participating…

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Mezinárodní konference

Call for papers: Human Rights and the Morality of Proportionality

1-2 November 2018
Organised by: the Institute of State and Law (Czech Academy of Sciences), Centre for Law and Public Affairs (CeLAPA) and the Department of Political Sciences and Sociology (Faculty of Law, Charles University).
Deadline for applications: October 15th 2018, by email to:

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