Aktuálně 20. 11. 2013


Ústav státu a práva AV ČR, Center for Law and Public Affairs zvou na přednášku v rámci FRANZ WEYR FELLOWSHIP

Jiří Přibáň

Koncept suverenity a jeho sémantika

The Self-Referential Semantics of Sovereignty: A Systems Theoretical Response to (Post)Sovereignty Studies

Datum: 2. 12. 2013, od 11.00 hod

Místo: Ústav státu a práva AV ČR, Národní 18, Praha 1, 1. patro

The talk focuses on the proliferation of the sovereignty discourse and the normative expectations of some major and typical theories of sovereign and post-sovereign politics and law. It analyses sovereignty’s semantic value for modern politics and law. Drawing on the autopoietic social systems theory, the final part considers sovereignty as part of the self-referential semantics of both the legal and political system. The author argues that the concept of sovereignty cannot be discarded as useless if politicians, lawyers, constitutional judges and the general public continue using it in their social communication. However, it cannot be understood as a fiction signifying the total unity of society ultimately governed and controlled by one power centre and its laws. This fiction needs to be replaced by a theory in which the concept of sovereignty is self-limiting and self-referring to the globalized systems of politics and law.

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