Přednáška Publikováno: 4. 11. 2016


Centre for Law and Public Affairs (CeLAPA)

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The Economic Approach to Law as the Dominant Legal Methodology and its Challenges in the Age of the Digital Revolution, kterou přednese Eli Salzberger, University of Haifa - Faculty of Law

Datum konání: 22. listopadu 2016 od 10:00 hod.

Místo konání: Villa Stiassni (https://www.vila-stiassni.cz/).

The talk will describe the historical and philosophical background for the emergence of Law & Economics as a dominant legal theory and as a legal methodology. It will touch upon the advantages and weaknesses of this approach in analyzing and evaluating the law. It will subsequently focus on the technological revolutionof the recent decades which challenge some of the traditional tenets of the Law & Economics and demonstrate some of the arguments in the fields of intellectualproperty and constitutional law.

Eli Mordechai Salzberger is a Law Professor at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law and former Dean of the faculty. From 2008–2011, he served as President of the European Association for Law and Economics. Salzberger has taught at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law since 1993 (tenured senior lecturer in 1999, associate professor in 2004 and full professor in 2011). He was elected vice Dean (2002–2005) and Dean of the Faculty of Law (2005–2008).Salzberger was the founder and a co-director of the Center for the Study of Crime, Law, and Society. He also served as co-editor of the Haifa Law Facult y’s journal Mishpat Umimshal (Law and Government) for four years. Recently (2012), a team led by him won a competition for a new Minerva research center on the rule of law under extreme conditions. Salzberger’s research and teaching areas are legal theory and philosophy, economic analysis of law, legal ethics, intellectual property and cyberspace, and the Israeli Supreme Court. He was a visiting professor at Princeton University, the University of Connecticut School of Law, UCLA Law School and a number of European law schools including Humboldt University in Berlin, Hamburg, Utrecht, Torino, Aix-Marseilles and St. Gallen.

Salzberger received numerous fellowships and prizes, notably the Rothschild, Fulbright, and British Council Fellowships, and research grants from the Minerva Foundation, the Israel Science Foundation, EU 7th research program, and the German-Israeli Foundation.