Aktuálně Publikováno: 25. 4. 2008

International conference

Institute for Legal Sciences of HAS and Institute of State and Law ASCR

hold Hungarian-Czech Conference

Influence of the European Integration on the Law of Citizenship. (Development of Citizenship: European and National Aspects.)

23rd May 2008, Budapest


JUDr. Michal Šejvl: European Identity and European Citizenship

Dr. Viktor Masenkó-Mavi: Citizens of EU nad Aliens in the Experience of the European Court of Justice

JUDr. Pavel Hamerník: Citizenship of EU in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice

Dr. Károly Kisteleki: Regulation of the Legal Instituton of the Hungarian Nationality from the Beginnings to Act L. of 1879

JUDr. Tomáš Pezl: Actual Aspects of Czech Citizenship

Dr. Iván Halász: Citizenship and Voting Rights in the Visegrad Countries

Dr. Mónika Ganczer: Nationality of Natural Persons in Relation to State Succession

Language of Conference: English