Aktuálně Publikováno: 10. 9. 2007

Exploratory workshop

Institute for Legal Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Institute for International Legal Studies, Italian National Research Council / Institute of Legal Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences / Institute of State and Law, Czech Academy of Sciences

ESF Exploratory Workshop on

Sustainable Development and Transboundary Co-Operation in Mountain Regions

Budapest, 20 - 22 September 2007

Summary: Good governance of mountain regions is among the key priorities on the international environmental agenda. For that reason, the following topics require thorough deliberation: (i) The implementation of international law on sustainable development. (ii) New issues concerning sustainable management of mountain regions. (iii) The role of major groups (particularly NGOs) in promoting mountain sustainable development. (iv) Implementation of the Alpine Convention. (v) Implementation of the Carpathian Convention. (vi) Transboundary co-operation and the role of protected areas.

Keywords: sustainable development, transboundary co-operation, Carpathian Convention, protected areas, environmental law