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Call for papers

Ústav státu a práva AV ČR, Center for Law and Political Affairs, a Univerzita v Antverpách pořádají


Subsidiarity and Its Discontents

Datum: 18. 12. 2013, od 10.00 hod

Místo: Ústav státu a práva AV ČR, Národní 18, Praha 1, 7. patro

Subsidiarity is a widely applicable concept. It has been referred to in various ways for several fields of law and it assumes different functions in each area of law. The principle is increasingly referred to by current human rights scholarship, as a tool to address some of the current problems prevailing in the implementation of the European Convention on Human rights. And whereas most scholars agree that the principle should apply in human rights law, there is still much difference as to the exact scope and field of application of this principle.

The Colloquium aims to examine the various forms subsidiarity in different fields of national and international human rights law. We also welcome critical and theoretical analysis of the concepts underlying the principle. The Colloquium will assess whether subsidiarity is really able to provide an adequate answer to the current challenges the European polity faces.

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