Mezinárodní konference Publikováno: 29. 5. 2019
Autonomous Vehicle Ethics: Beyond the Trolley Problem

Autonomous Vehicle Ethics: Beyond the Trolley Problem

Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Republic, June 27-28, 2019

Most of the work in the ethics of autonomous vehicles has so far concentrated on the variety of Trolley problems that arise in this area. However, it is time to move beyond these issues. The upcoming conference will explore, among others, the following issues:

  • how the algorithms in autonomous vehicles might embed ethical assumptions in cases other than crash scenarios;
  • how autonomous vehicles might interact with human drivers in mixed or “hybrid” traffic environments;
  • how autonomous vehicles might reshape our cities and landscapes;
  • what unique security or privacy concerns are raised by autonomous vehicles;
  • whether long times spend in autonomous vehicles might lead to new kinds of alienation or loneliness;
  • how the benefits and burdens of this new technology will be distributed throughout society.

The conference is organized by the Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology (Prague, Czech Republic), the Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Faculty of Science, Charles University,  the Department of Philosophy of the University of Haifa (Israel), and Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group at the California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo, CA).


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