Informace Publikováno: 29. 6. 2018

A BOOK PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Anti-Natalism under Fire.

A symposium, "Anti-Natalism under Fire", was held in Prague, Czech Republic on May 29, 2018, at which Professor David Benatar (University of Cape Town) gave the keynote address. Based on the quality of the papers presented at the symposium, it has been decided to produce a collection of papers assessing the views of Professor Benatar and other anti-natalists. The manuscript will be offered to a prestigious academic publisher. Professor Benatar will write a reply to each of the participating authors.

However, the project is open to scholars who did not participate at the symposium as well. Please submit an expression of interest, in the form of an extended abstract (1000 words), by August 31, 2018. The complete chapters should then be submitted by December 31, 2018.

Send your abstracts and inquiries to and