Currently Published: 27. 10. 2022
The Project Healthy Car

The Project Healthy Car

The Project Healthy Car (No. 3201400125) has launched its educational campaign: Heal the Monster. A website, a survey and videos have been launched and the street art object "monster-car" was also created in cooperation with the School of Arts and Crafts and the Academy of Fine Arts. On the 20. of October a vehicle diagnostic measurement day was held with the help of CARES experts, Horizon 2020.

The project will run until 28.2.2023 with the support of the Norwegian Funds and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (Programme "Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change" supported by the Financial Mechanism of Norway 2014 - 2021, Call No. SGS-4 REINE).


More information can be found on the website: