Center for Innovations and Cyberlaw Research (CICeRo)

This research project reflects on long-term research activities of the Institute in the area of law and information and communication technologies. Since 2001, the Institute has received a number of grant projects focused on electronic signatures, privacy protection in electronic communications, normative regulation of computer networks or regulation of biometric data. Lately, the Institute has been very active in the field of law related to autonomous systems, especially artificial intelligence and smart robotics.
A series of regular workshops and lectures has been organized each month since February 2017. These lectures have covered topics such as biometric data protection, liability of autonomous systems, cybersecurity, privacy in electronic communications, automated decision-making, neurolaw, energetics, blockchain, electronic signatures, etc.
The aim of this project is to further develop the field of information and communication law in the Czech Republic as well as to contribute to development of internationally harmonized legal solutions. Members of this research project participate for instance at the Platform for autonomous cars organized by the Czech Ministry of Transportation, or the Platform for artificial intelligence organized by the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic. Head of the research project is also a member of the Expert group on New Technologies and Liability at the European Commission.