Private Law

Staff of the Institute focuses on a number of research questions and its members are engaged in many  areas of private law. Our research activities have been influenced mainly by the recodification of Czech private law. To highlight further subtopics covered by the research, we can mention the theory of private law, corporate and insolvency law, comparative research in the area of private international law focusing not only on the institutes of private law (contracts, delicts, corporations) but also on theoretical questions of the choice of applicable law, transfers of seat of legal persons, international law of civil procedure, the law of delicts with special focus on damages and proof of causation and aspects of authors’ rights, the applicable law on the Internet, domains and domain rights, protection of personal data and consumer protection.
In addition to these traditionally private law domains, several new interdisciplinary subjects are developed by the members of the department, especially in the fields of medical law, sports law and in the area of information technology law, computer networks and authors’ rights.
Our staff has published a series of outputs, for example B. Havel’s „Commercial Corporations in the Light of Changes: Essays on an Open Topic of Corporate Governance“ , K. Eliáš et al.: „Civil law for everyone - Through the eyes of (not only) the authors of the new Civil Code“, the treatise authored by J. Matejka titled „The Internet as the Object of Law: Searching for a Balance of Autonomy and Privacy“. The book „Private International Law in the Czech Republic” by M. Pauknerová published in Kluwer Law International Encyclopedia is another important output. In the area of labour and social security law M. Štefko et al. produced the book “General Issues of Social Policy“. E-book of “Sports Law: Searching for Boundaries between Specific Sports Regulation and existing law“ was written by P. Hamernik, who has been acting at the same time as national expert for International Sports Law Centre of T.M.C. Asser Instituut in projects undertaken for European Commission in European Sports Law.