About us

The Institute - the buildingThe Institute of State and Law is the leading research institution in the field of legal studies in the Czech Republic. Our principal mission is to conduct high quality research in the area of law, and to produce publications and other scientific outputs of international excellence. Our research focuses on some of the most pertinent challenges of the ever-changing face of Europe in the increasingly globalized world.  The role of the Institute covers a wide range of activities, including primarily participation in research projects on relevant legal topics, publication and dissemination of research results, organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and public lectures, realization of international cooperation, and provision of expert legal opinions. Our ambition is to develop and refine the legal discourse in the Czech Republic.

Publishing activities

The Institute runs its own book series, as well publishes three prestigious academic journals – Právník being one of the oldest law journals in Europe, The Lawyer Quarterly (TLQ) reflecting top legal research in Europe, and the Journal of Medical Law and Bioethics, a leading journal in the medical law and interdisciplinary research.


The Institute comprises three research departments covering Legal Theory and Legal Philosophy, Private Law and Public Law, and research units focused on Medical Law and Bioethics, Climate Law and Sustainability Studies, Cyberlaw and on the relationship between Law and Public Affairs of democratic societies.

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