Public Law

The research activities in the Public Law Department span a wide range of issues. To highlight the subtopics where we especially reach an international excellence, let´s mention primarily our studies in the Human Rights Law covering the both European human rights systems, the one of the Council of Europe and the one of the European Union, and focusing the dynamics of rights reflected in their development and interpretation. Within the field of Constitutional Law and Science, our researchers carry out  analytical and comparative work in constitutional principles, division of powers and functioning of Constitutional Courts within a broad European view, with a special and deeper attention paid to the Visegrad countries because they all share a common experience of the transition from the communist regime to a democratic one; exploring of how their constitutional practice has developed to similarity in some issues but divergence in others, is enriching for all of them. In Environmental Law, particularly the interlinkages between the environmental protection and human rights are analyzed, including both substantive and procedural branches of them (the emerging right to environment and the procedural environmental rights); another part of the environmental law study concentrates on the animal protection law that had been strongly under-theorized in the Czech Republic.
In addition to the internationally highlighted domains, there are also issues that are of a top national importance and crucial from the domestic doctrine point of view. It also counts to the mission of the Institute to contribute meaningfully to their resolution. Here, the researchers of the Public Law Department address, for instance, legal aspects of the public administration reform in the Czech Republic; impacts of international law on the Czech legal system after the Constitutional amendment integrating certain types of international agreements in the Czech legal order; and the consequences of the new Czech Civil code of 2012 on various fields of law and practice.