Currently Published: 11. 3. 2018

Let’s celebrate a common century

In 2018, there is a jubilee waiting for us, directly calling for big celebrations. Let’s remember the events that accompanied us through our common century and let’s be inspired by the personas whose thinking pushed our nation forward. Let’s jointly celebrate our 100 years!

The Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences is commemorating through several events the anniversary of the formation of the Republic in 1918 and its beginnings:

1) Conference

There is going to be an interdisciplinary conference ‘On the Threshold of the New Times’ within the conference module. The conference is taking place at the end of October 2018. Detailed information and the conference programme will be provided continuously and will also be contained in a separate message.

2) Publications and Exhibitions

Within the research module, the outputs will be collective monographs devoted to the period of the formation and beginnings of the Republic from legal historical and historical perspectives and remembering some forgotten personas of that period. Attention will be drawn in the future to the publications through a separate message.

The electronic module platform is going to introduce thematic exhibitions of interesting documents and portrayals relating to the beginnings of the Republic. The exhibitions will be available to the public, together with the electronic module, at the end of October 2018 and will stay available long thereafter. An advantage is an option to visit them from anywhere and at any time.

3) Electronic Module

The electronic module deals with the preparation of a work platform allowing searching in historic legal documents of the beginning of the Republic and other interesting information.

The work platform will be handed over to the public at a ceremony at the end of October 2018. It will stay available to the public in the long term even after the jubilee year and will be available for use for research and science popularization purposes.

 Detailed, in particular, programme information will be provided continuously even at