Metamorphoses of Law in the Visegrad countries


CORECEL - Committee for the Research of Central and Eastern European Law

On the workshop in Znojmo 28th and 29th of June 2011 the participants have agreed on the establishment of permanent committee for the cooperation in the law research in the Visegrad countries. The name for the committee proposed from the Czech side is the “Committee for Research of Central and Eastern European Law” (abbreviated as CORECEL).

The goal of the committee is to search for common projects in Visegrad countries, to organize common workshops and conferences and to create a common database on the ongoing most important projects and on the state of their elaboration and finally to support the selected projects.

Every country nominates the main guarantor as a representative for his/her country. This guarantor will choose one or more cooperators responsible for respective fields of law (e.g. theory of law, law history, constitutional law etc.) that will serve also as contact persons for the cooperation in their fields.

The center and the seat of the committee will be Institute of State and Law, Národní 18, 116 00 Praha 1 ( Here all of the materials, database and information on ongoing cooperation will be collected. As a part of this committee the organizational committee will be established.

The principle was established that every project will have its own guarantor (responsible person) that is responsible for the proposed project (see project proposals). This guarantor is responsible for the whole project and submits to the organizational committee proposals and reports on the development and elaboration of the project.

The following principles of cooperation have been agreed upon: 

  1. The cooperation of Visegrad countries is open to all the institutions dealing with the research in the field of law
  2. Organizational committee maintains a survey on the state of research in the field of law in particular country and tries to search and enable the cooperation with all of the main institutions dealing with the law research (scientific institutes, law faculties).
  3. Organizational committee prepares international conferences and pays attention to the fact that conference participants, if possible, shall represent the main research institutions in a given country for the conference topics
  4. Organizational committee strives to broaden the present cooperation to other institutions not only from the Visegrad countries and to international institution
  5. The cooperation is based on a voluntary basis, i.e. voluntary joining the projects, and on a responsibility of the main guarantor of the project
  6. Organizational committee supports projects on the basis of readiness of projects and after the consensus reached with the main guarantors representing the Visegrad countries