Metamorphoses of Law in the Visegrad countries

2012 Conference

Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Faculty of Law of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen


an international law theory conference


Quo vadis Central Europe? - Kam kráčíš Evropo? (Vztah zemí V4 k Evropské unii)

The conference will take place in Loucký klášter (Louka monastery) in Znojmo (Czech Republic) from 27th to 29th of June 2012

The aim of the conference is to describe the main problems of law in Central European countries within the context of long-term EU cooperation. It seems that actually we can perceive two opposing processes: The attitude of the particular Visegrad countries (V4 countries) towards the EU is diverging, while the internal problems of all of the V4 countries seems to be similar. How this situation is reflected in law and what role law plays in this process?
Situation, when citizens of our countries gradually lose their confidence in law and justice, in political parties and in democracy in general, is very dangerous and the victory of authoritative and isolationist tendencies is a real threat. Our common past was usually used as an explanation and justification of our problems; but this strategy is already exhausted and we are witnessing the tendency to blame for our internal problems EU as a whole, some EU states, democracy, electoral system, some political parties or racial groups or capitalism as a system etc. The adopted measures within the internal legal policy are at the same time so chaotic that shows the resignation of our political leaders to any long-term goals. Therefore the main topic of the conference is: What problems in the field of law are according to conference participants the most serious ones and what they suggest to solve them?
Thus it is necessary to identify critically negative trends in our countries and provide recommendation for the legal policy.
The conference participation is not limited to some particular field of law. Time of speech shall not exceed 10 minutes, after every contribution the short discussion shall follow. The organizational committee will prepare the short list of basic problems, i.e. the proposal of survey of main negative trends in the field of law.
In the framework of the conference the session of CORECEL will take place, project “Metamorphoses of Law in Visegrád countries”.

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Working languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian
The language of conference proceedings: Czech, Slovak. English

The Proposal of the Fields of Interest:

 (This proposal has only informational character and shall not limit the participants; the final program will be prepared and distributed among participants before the conference)

  1. General questions of relationship of V4 countries towards EU
  2. The role of law and its perception by the society in V4 countries
  3. Law making and its quality from the legal technique viewpoint
  4. Constitutional judiciary in V4 countries
  5. State of recodification in V4 countries
  6. General judiciary, public prosecution and police
  7. Public administration and self-government
  8. Private law activities, public procurement, competition law etc.
  9. Law education in high schools and universities and organization of research in the field of law
  10. Minorities and racial problems
  11. Legislation governing elections
  12. Political parties and civil associations