Metamorphoses of Law in the Visegrad countries

2010 General focus

The conference Metamorphosis of Law II sets itself a goal to make headway in the efforts to identify main tendencies and problems in the area of law in the Central Europe. We have achieved a great deal of success in the functioning of democracy during the last twenty years. However, we also recorded many failures. Furthermore the period of time, when we could blame past for all drawbacks has apparently ended. We do not doubt that the main direction and our choice was correct. Nevertheless it is time now, to point clearly at the mistakes and drawbacks, which we caused ourselves.

Law belongs to the fundamental pillars of the modern democratic state. With not inconsiderable concerns, we therefore observe increase in corruption, contempt of law even on the level of the highest state bodies, unqualified law-making, abuse of power by state administration, frauds in legal education, racially-oriented attacks, growing distrust of citizens towards law enforcements options, etc. The main objective of the forthcoming conference is to search for the causes of these negative phenomena, name them and above all propose measures for strengthening the role of law in our society.

Participation in the conference is not field limited in any way. It is merely organized by workers in the field of theory of law. The purpose of contributions should be to outline problems, which have general import and submit proposals for their solution. A scope of the presented contribution should not exceed 10 minutes. This time, we would try to edit the presented, or only submitted, or as the case may be, completed contributions, into a collective monograph