Metamorphoses of Law in the Visegrad countries



The main target of the international research program "Metamorphoses of Law in the Visegrad countries" is to create a regular platform for a critical evaluation of the state of law in Visegrád countries that will research this state on a long-term basis and suggest political and law measures leading to the correction of the negative trends in the field. These trends were articulated in previous conferences organized by the Institute of State and Law (in 2008 and 2010) and included general questions of state and law, public law, private law, EU law implementation, public administration and local government, protection of minorities etc. To tackle this objective, the permanent committee has been created (CORECEL - Committe for the Research of Eastern and Central European Law) that enables common cooperation of both individuals and teams and prepares common projects and program of the future conferences. There are two representatives from each country in the permanent committee. The ideal is to create next to this committee and as a result of its work a net of co-operators that represent all main law institutions of the given country.