Search in the Legal Historical Database of National Legal Heritage (NPD)


  • English titles, abstracts and key words are included since 2013. Older issues are Czech only.
  • You must use diacritics (there will be no results found if diacritics is removed from the searched text, e.g. Elias vs Eliáš)
  • In the article TITLES, Czech words are searched only in the given form, no declination is assumed. You must enter part of the word if you need all word forms (e.g. use evropsk to search for both evropský and evropská).
  • Full text search works in TEXTS OF ARTICLES – Czech words can be in any form (e.g. evropská unie matches also evropské unie).
  • You can enter multiple words in exact form if they form a phrase (e.g. evropská unie).

Logical operators can be used for searching in TEXTS OF ARTICLES:

a AND b   both a and b must be present in the
a OR b     a or b or both must be present in the text
- a            must not be present in the text

The searching functionality will be gradually improved.

The legal historical database of National Legal Heritage (NPD) includes:

  • up to 1990 – annotations and keywords of relevant articles (created by the Centre for Scientific Information of the Institute of State and Law for CLAN database);
  • 1991–2012 – annotations and keywords of all articles (created by the CSI);
  • since 2013 – full texts of articles older than three months, annotations and keywords of all contributions including current issue (created by the CSI).

The scanned Právník from years 1861–1939 and since 2013 is available in the Digital Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Full texts in PDF (whole issues and articles)  since 2013 (older than three months): Archives.