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Franz Weyr Fellowship

The Franz Weyr Fellowship, named after the leading figure of the Brno School, aims to support scholars of all ages whose research falls within the research agenda and methodological approach of the Center. The fellowship covers accommodation for up to six months in the city of Prague and full access to the research facilities and the library of the Institute of Law and State of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Fellowship provides for up to three appointments per academic year, but more appointments can be made if shorter periods of stay are applied for. Preference will be given to scholars who intend to use their stay to complete a self-standing piece of research (monograph, edited book, scholarly paper, a PhD thesis or a book proposal to an international publisher). During their stay, fellows are expected to participate actively in CeLAPA seminars and activities and deliver a seminar paper on their research. Applications are invited twice a year: in September for those planing to take up the post anytime between February and July; and in February, for those planing to start anytime between September and January. For applying please use the relevant form.